FMBB World Championship 2019 will be held in Písek, South Bohemia, Czech Republic

stadium: Městský stadion, entry from Burketova street.

GPS coordinatres: 49.3086661N, 14.1356611E

14.03.2019 – Attention! Closing of roads in city Písek…. more here



On the banks of the river Otava approximately 100 kilometres south from Prague, Bohemian kings founded the castle and town of Písek shortly before the mid 13th century. The name was derived from its gold-bearing sand, which our ancestors carefully panned to extract this valuable metal. Písek was first mentioned in written sources in a document of king Wenceslas I in 1243.
Thanks to gold mining and industrious trade and production activities, the town developed rapidly and enjoyed the benevolence of lords, such as Přemysl Otakar II, Charles IV and Wenceslas IV, who were frequent guests here. Already in Middle Ages, Písek was a centre of a large region called the Lands of Prácheň and covered a significant part of south-western Bohemian territory. Already before the beginning of the Hussite wars, Písek took the side of the chalice, and during the years 1419-1452, it even became an autonomous Hussite city republic.  Continue on the website of the town Písek 

Official tourist portal of the town Písek


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