08.05.2019 – added modified schedule of Obedience and drawing of  OB1 and OB2

07.05.2019 – added IGP drawing . Video on our Facebook page

04.05.2019 – Obedience: added photos of equipment
Agility: added judging plan
IGP: added information about opening hours of the training field
Veterinarianspossibility to get the stamp to the Pet-passport for your return at the spot of the event!

ATTETION! Monday, in Písek, there is electricity outage between 8 am and 15 pm. Registrations and veterinary check will run as proposed. There will be some restrictions on catering. We would like to apologize about it and thank you for the understanding.

03.05.2019 – Show: Entry documents for the shows have been sent by email yesterday. You will get e-mail from Iva Baráková with link to download your PDF file from website
If you did not get it, please check your spambox, eventuelly contact show director Mrs.Baráková.

We kindly ask all exhibitors to comply with the provisions of the Propositions and veterinary conditions

01.05.2019 – Camping cars & caravans: Please pick up your parking card at the Main office of Championship (located in the first floor of the Otavarena Hotel at the stadium) upon your arrival!

01.05.2019 Attention!!  It is prohibited to entry area of the championship (stadiums) with the dogs till May, 6th!
Please respect the owners of the stadium and the lenght of our lease for the championship!

27.04.2019 – SOME HOTEL ROOMS IN PÍSEK ARE STILL AVAILABLE – please send request on

27.04.2019  – Added schedule of veterinary checks for all working disciplines

26.04.2019 – A little changes in Canicross and Bikejöring schedule

25.04.2019 – Information about FMBB Annual meeting

24.04.2019 – Obedience: added schedule of trainings and competition plan

19.04.2019 – Agility:  added schedule of trainings
IGP: added schedule of trainings, provisional schedule of finals and actual photo of tracking terrains (16.04.2019)
Mondioring: added detailed schedule
Show: final statistics

11.04.2019 – Due to enormous number of Mondioring competitors decides FMBB board to cancel Opening Ceremony. Mondioring competition will start day earlier, on Tuesday!

05.04.2019 – Change of the first track  in Canicross and Bikejöring  (track will be shorter)

29.03.2019 – Added detailed info about tracks in Canicross and Bikejöring

26.03.2019 – Added detailed schedule for IGP, information to the section A, B, C and training possibilities.

25.03.2019 – Added detailed schedule for Obedience

14.03.2019 – Attention! Closing of roads in city Písek…. more here

11.03.2019 – The capacity of camping place for camping cars and caravan is overload! We stop receiving application untill they all will be managed.

20.02.2019 – Added information about helpers for Mondioring and added supervisor

13.02.2019 – New sponsors added. Thank you!

11.02.2019 – New sponsors added. Thank you!  Information about possibility to park Camping cars and Campers have been added.

01.02.2019 – Added more information about Canicross and BikejöringRegistrations for all working disciplines are now open!

31.01.2019 – Added proposition for both shows (FMBB World dog show and Specialty show) and registration is open now. More under Show page.

27.01.2019 – New judge for Obedience was added

13.01.2019 – Change in the judge’s list of IGP: Due to circumstances, Mr.David Huber has cancelled his judging task. He was replaced by judge Mr. Mascaro Ludovic

02.01.2019 – Rebuilded menu

01.01.2019 – Added proposition for Fitmin Open Cup – open agility competition

Date of event