14.03.2019 – Attention! Closing of roads in city Písek…. more here

11.03.2019 – The capacity of camping place for camping cars and caravan is overload! We stop receiving application untill they all will be managed.

20.02.2019 – Added information about helpers for Mondioring and added supervisor

13.02.2019 – New sponsors added. Thank you!

11.02.2019 – New sponsors added. Thank you!  Information about possibility to park Camping cars and Campers have been added.

01.02.2019 – Added more information about Canicross and BikejöringRegistrations for all working disciplines are now open!

31.01.2019 – Added proposition for both shows (FMBB World dog show and Specialty show) and registration is open now. More under Show page.

27.01.2019 – New judge for Obedience was added

13.01.2019 – Change in the judge’s list of IGP: Due to circumstances, Mr.David Huber has cancelled his judging task. He was replaced by judge Mr. Mascaro Ludovic

02.01.2019 – Rebuilded menu

01.01.2019 – Added proposition for Fitmin Open Cup – open agility competition

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